Our A-Z Approach

World Class Service Offerings

Ideation, Engineering, &
Intuitive Design

We help clients imagine their product and bring it to life through intuitive design. Intuitive design means we always consider the manufacturing and production implications of our design recommendations. Smarter builds correlate to cost savings which all start in the design phase.

  • – Engineering and Design
  • – Manufacturing Process Selection
  • – Prototyping and Product Development
  • – Patents

Quality Control &

We ensure that product designs can withstand the demands of real life through systematic quality control and robust testing. We have a resident metallurgist and perform various lab tests on the material used in the product to make sure it meets the required specifications both off-shore and domestically.

  • – Quality Control Systems
  • – Product Inspections and Supplier Audits
  • – Metallurgist and Lab Testing
  • – Reverse Engineering and Blue Light Scanning

Manufacturing &

Our capabilities are sophisticated and wide-ranging affording you a vast opportunity for supplier consolidation. We’ll provide you a turn-key solution regardless of how complicated or challenging the manufacturing and/or assembly process might be.

  • – Metal Manufacturing
  • (Castings/Stampings/Tooling/Etc)
  • – Assemblies & Kitting
  • – Secondary Operations & Packaging
  • – Plastic Manufacturing (Parts/Molds)

Logistics & Supply
Chain Management

We carefully plan how to move your product anywhere around the world in the most cost effective and efficient manner possible. When you need to store it at one of our locations, we’ll provide JIT releases and make sure you know exactly how much you have and where it’s located.

  • – Supply Chain & Program Management
  • – Inventory Safety Stock & Contingency Planning
  • – Tariff & Duty Engineering
  • – Freight Consolidation & Warehouse Management

Finance, Insurance, &

We’ll help you finance and manage your programs, keep you organized and informed, & help protect your most important assets regardless of where they are located.

  • – New Program Financing/Payment Terms
  • – Global Asset Insurance
  • – Domestic Accountability & Recourse
  • – Detailed Accounting Reports & Factoring Options

Sales & Customer

We promise absolute transparency paired with thorough and responsive open lines of communication. Once your product is ready for market, we’ll help you deliver it directly to your customers in the most efficient manner possible.

  • – Retail & E-Commerce Sales Support
  • – Weekly Customer/Supplier Inventory Reports
  • – Transparent Customer Service
  • – JAG International Team / Bilingual